Aisling Goodwin - Actor/Singer

Connect with Aisling


Aisling resides in Dublin, Ireland. Before she starting working with Darren (Worldwide Talent) she was already a well trained actor/singer and she had booked a few roles for Theatrical Productions and Short Films. Aisling sought a collaboration to help receive support building her acting and singing career. 


In the short period since we decided to collaborate, Aisling has already received several auditions including some for the USA. We both look forward to receiving her first booking from our collaboration.

Darren (Worldwide Talent) is also providing Aisling with consultation and guidance on the proven steps to secure agency representation. Aisling is currently taking the necessary steps to secure representation. And together, we're executing a plan for Aisling to legally move to the United States to further pursue her acting career.


- Work closely together implementing marketing ideas to increase Aisling's amount of monthly auditions

- Provide resources to help Aisling professionally record a VO demo reel 

- Provide support and guidance to help Aisling secure Commercial and Theatrical representation in Dublin

- Provide support and guidance to help Aisling secure a Green Card to move to the USA and further develop her acting career

- Provide Aisling with resources and support to professionally record and release an original song